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About Rituals

angelpray.jpg (53882 bytes)From ancient times people have always marked great moments of our life with sacred ceremonies and ritual and have performed rituals to make positive changes.  Rituals are designed to reduce stress and anxiety on an emotional level which help us to cope with life changing events.   Ritual help us at important times of our lives.  It is important to perform rituals that keeps our link with the past and yet are meaningful to the present.  Read the  significance of water in Lily Therese's rituals.

Rituals for the removal of negative influences are also legend.  If you’re feeling drained, ungrounded, blocked, fearful or stressed, it is time to do a ritual to remove negative energy , become balanced and powerful once again. Anthropologist studying rituals of various cultures find that rituals performed at certain critical periods of development such as birth, adolescence, marriage, serious illness, death, etc., benefit both he individual and the community. Rituals are repetitive actions, in that the more they are repeated the more power they acquire, and the more effective they become. 

We must be careful not to think of ritual as magical, producing effects automatically. We must contribute our part. For ritual to have the full effect, it is necessary to have intention, faith and the proper attitude. When we use ritual with faith and intention we reach out to God, asking His help and blessings.

Rituals prepare us for meeting God by stirring our emotions which enhance our faith and devotion. Rituals appeal to our emotions and we feel better after participation in one. When we perform a visible ritual, God brings about an invisible spiritual change within us. Often we complete a cycle in our growth and progress but we do not know how to become free from the old cycle so that we can reprogram in new ways.  This is where ritual comes in.

There are many transitional events in our life that can be assisted by rituals which mark these life changing experiences. Such events include, moving, changing jobs, beginning or ending a relationship, mourning the death of a loved one or friend, etc. Through ritual one has a point in time that specifically marks when to release the event associated with the old situation and when to embrace the new beginning. 

Rituals help us accept and move with change whether we are seeking a new beginning or a turnabout in an old situation.  Rituals are designed to keep the participant spiritually clean. They help nourish, strengthen and express the spiritual self. 


Significance of Sacred Water

The rituals Lily Therese has outlined for your specific needs involve a purification bath.  Water is the symbol of life. When we take a ritual bath (baptism) our 'sins' or mistakes "die" within us and are "buried" as we emerge ourselves in the healing, purifying water, and we rise to new life, with spiritual power, grace and love.  To baptize means to wash or cleanse with, to immerse in water.  Baptism gives new life. We make a fresh start, we begin a new life. 

Holy water is made of consecrated water and salt.  Purification baths taken to remove negative influence should also have water and salts for absorbing and removing negative influence.  Purification Bath Salts help to keep you grounded, centered and connected to Mother Earth. It also clears unwanted influence from your aura while removing toxic substance from the physical body. Minerals contained in the sea salt help to strengthen the immune system, while the sacred herbal oils enhance the effectiveness of the sea salt.



Specific Rituals

Spiritual Self-Purification
House Blessing
Power and Recognition
Cupid's Love
Angel Heart
Winds of Change
Release Go of Burdens 
Saint Jude  


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