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About Lily-Therese


Lily-Therese, also known as Sacred Dove, was born clairvoyant.   She is a noted Native American Visionary, with mixed ancestral roots (Métis). Lily-Therese is a Spiritual Life Coach, Human Potential Specialist, and Intuitive

She has nearly 5 decades of professional expertise in Metaphysics, Human Spirituality, Holistic Healing, Dreams and Intuition. Amongst Lily-Therese's clients are directors, producers, actors, celebrities, CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, politicians, health care professionals, and anyone else seeking her gifts.

Lily-Therese is also a Workshop, Seminar, and Retreat Leader. After intensive study, coupled with the process of developing and constantly sharpening her own unique concepts and teaching skills, she created the Life Enhancement Seminars and Spiritual Coaching Program

The Spiritual Coaching Program is the result of a lifetime of studying human changes, human problems, and human challenges. The perspectives presented in her coaching programs are transformational, and are designed to stimulate your thinking, expand your awareness, increase your intuition and initiate change. You are taught to pay attention to your gut-level feelings, dreams, omens and nature.   You are given a new mental "tool kit," and fresh new ideas to help you reach goals and "get out of your own way". You are empowered to make changes, initiate new beginnings, stop procrastinating, and bring release and closure to the past. Response from seminar participants and spiritual coaching programs constantly demonstrates that her techniques work.

Lily-Therese is now in the "winter season" of her life and has completed her first book, "Flash Forward: A Guide to Shaping Your Future”. Lily-Therese offers empowering strategies to integrate intuition, dreams, nature, and gut-level feelings with logic. Learn to control your destiny to a greater degree.  For more information and to purchase go to the book page here.

Lily-Therese was also the author of a series of articles on, “Power Animals and their Messages," published by The Messenger. In Awareness Magazine she wrote articles titled, "A Prayer for the Healing of Nations," in the July/August 2009 issue and  "Native American Spirituality, published in the July/August 2000 issue. Articles about Lily-Therese and her work have appeared in publications throughout California and other states. She is the welcome guest of several radio and television talk shows

Lily-Therese continues her lifetime study of nature and earth wisdom teachings influenced by her Métis Native American ancestral roots. Lily-Therese teaches how observation and awareness can assist you in flowing with the seasons instead of fighting and resisting change.

Lily-Therese's workshops, seminars, and retreats are sponsored by people of many cultures living all over the globe. She understands the interconnection of all things and she respects the diversity of all people despite our physical differences.  She is deeply committed to the conscious integration of cross-cultural wisdom teachings and the Holistic approach in healing the body, mind, and spirit. Lily-Therese offers earth-based spiritual practices, the Sacred Power of the Circle, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Lily-Therese offers classes, seminars, and retreats around the world including Whole Life Expo, Golden Door Health Spa, La Casa de Maria, Dharma Center, and Center for Spiritual Living to name just a few. Lily is the founder of the Sacred Dove virtual prayer lodge.

Watch for Lily-Therese's new up-coming workshops and seminars. Phone Lily-Therese for details at (760) 698-8738 or email her at   Reserve your place early as space is limited and fills up quickly.

Please contact Lily-Therese if you are interested in her work or services. Thank you for visiting!



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Phone Lily-Therese for details at (760) 698-8738 or email her at


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