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Assisting the Deceased to Move On

Angel Assisting the Decessed to the LightMost religions and cultures have rituals for the dead. Rituals serve two main purposes. They are a source of comfort for the living and they help the dead peacefully make the transition from the physical world to the other side. 

The rituals are effective for most of the deceased, however there are some circumstances which require more effort on the part of the living.

When the departed is killed instantly in a accident or murdered she remains in a state of shock and confusion.  She does not realize that she is dead and no longer has a physical body. She is trapped or earthbound in this world and is unable to cross over to higher planes.

Other situations which make it difficult to leave this world are caused by the intense grieving of the living, suicide, unfinished business and ignorance. A doorway must then be created to help the deceased make the transition.

Candle Ceremony for the Dead
Creating the Doorway

To create the doorway begin by lighting a anointed seven day white candle. Use myrrh or Memorial oil to anoint the candle. Place the candle on a clean white cloth. Next to the candle burn a little Frankincense or Purification Incense on a piece of charcoal, allowing the smoke to touch you physically.

Face the candle. Call upon the Holy Spirit or guardian spirits of light to assist you. In a clear voice ask that they create a stairway or path for the departed.  Call out the deceased by name. Tell him/her of your intention or purpose of this ritual. Make him aware that he has died, he is loved but must now move forward.

Now, close your eyes and "see" the candle burning brightly. Mentally "see" a brilliant light extending upward from the candle to a beautiful white stairway, ascending into the heavens.

Tell the deceased to look up at the stairway. She will see family and friends waiting to help her make the transition. In a kind but firm voice tell her to follow the white light and start Walking up the stairway. At this point she will begin to understand what has happened and go in peace.

If others follow the departed do not deny them entry. They also may be lost and confused. Be thankful that you can provide such a beneficial service for their spiritual well being.  In time they can help you in many areas.

Do not put out the candle. Allow it to go out on its own. Each day send loving thoughts to the departed.  Be happy and know in your heart he/she is free from pain and has gone home.

Give thanks to all for assistance. Be aware that you can also perform this ritual for pet animals, or other people that have little or no knowledge concerning transition.  Remember death is not the end, it is only the beginning.

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