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Chakra Centers

From the cosmic Life Force flows a life line of universal energy sometimes called the White Light. As this energy enters the crown of the head it moves downward through seven energy centers called chakras. The chakras are whirling wheels of energy which act as filters, modifying the flow of liquid light into different frequencies . As it filters through each chakra our consciousness is determined. This in turn influences our character, talents, behavior, values, vitality and personality. The following is a brief description, location and color association of the chakras.

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First Chakra - Base Center

The First Chakra     The Base Center

Located at the base of the spine. This chakra deals with survival issues such as, shelter, food, security, protection and health issues . Fear of death is also related to the Base Chakra. It is associated with the earth and it connects us with our physical environment . It relates to the physical body and the material things we need in order to function in this world. This chakra is also the grounding center. The color is red.


Second Chakra - Spleen Center

The Second Chakra     The Spleen Center

Located in the pelvic bowl. (below navel) This chakra is associated with our emotional needs. It corresponds to emotional security. Our social needs. How well we relate and communicate with others. It represents personal love, reproduction, and sexual identity. The Color is Orange


Third Chakra - Solar Plexus Center

The Third Chakra     The Solar Plexus Center

Located in the solar plexus. Deals with the expression of our emotions, our intellect and our personalities. Its our main energy center. How we handle power, control and responsibility. Insecurity may reflect in giving up ones power. The Color is Yellow.


Fourth Chakra - Heart Center

The Fourth Chakra     The Heart Center

Located in the heart, or heart chakra .This chakra relates to love , compassion, understanding and peace as we look beyond the dualistic programming of our outer personality. Here we also feel the pain and sadness of being separated from our creator. This chakra relates to universal love and healing. The Color Green.


Fifth Chakra - Base Center

The Fifth Chakra     The Throat Center

Located in the throat. It deals with expression and communication. It is the voice of our higher selves. It relates to creativity, the ability to create forms of expression for our visions, ideas and intuition. It relates to words and how we use them to heal or destroy. The Color is Blue


Sixth Chakra - Brow Center

The Sixth Chakra     The Brow Center

Located in the forehead between the eyebrows or third eye. This chakra relates to our center of intuition. It is how you relate to reality and your perception of truth and yourself . It is the center of extra-sensory perception and other psychic gifts. With this chakra we expand our knowledge of the world and ourselves. The color is Indigo


Seventh Chakra - Crown Center

The Seventh Chakra     The Crown Center

Located at the crown of the head, where the mind meets the spirit. It is the source of spiritual information and relates to how strong we are connected to the Creator. It deals with things beyond the physical and Cosmic Consciousness. The Color is Violet


Use Lily Therese's Chakra Anointing Oil to assist you in working with a particular chakra center.


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