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Cleansing Spaces - Native American Smudging

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Cultures performing rituals for the removal of negativity are legend. Smoke has been used in religious purification rituals from the earliest of times. The Native Americanís term for cleansing with the smoke of sacred herbs , is called smudging.

Smudging: Cleansing Spaces Ritual

This is a Sacred Ritual and should be given the same respect that any other religious ceremony is given.

Begin your preparation by smudging yourself with the smoke of Sage. (refer to the information on smudging). State your intention out loud. This will help keep you focused on your goal. Offer the smoke to the Four Directions, Mother Earth and the Great Spirit. Call upon their assistance and powers.

Hold the smoldering bowl of sage in your left hand (please make sure that you are using a fire proof container).  Hold your feather fan in your right hand.  You will use the fan to direct the smoke.  Begin smudging in the eastern corner of the room and move in a clockwise position around the room.  Use your fan to direct the smoke as you move around the perimeter of the area.  After you complete your cleansing in one room move on to the next room and continue smudging (add a little more sage as necessary).

If you sense that a particular room is in need of more cleansing, pay attention to what you feel and give the area an extra smudging. When you have smudged every room or area go back to your original starting position. Thank the Four Directions, Mother Earth and the Great Spirit for their assistance. Thank the Sage for giving its cleansing energy for your empowerment. You may dispose of the smudging residue by giving it back to Mother Earth. Leave a give-a-way (an offering of tobacco or cornmeal ) to give thanks and honor the Spirits. The offering may be placed outside in a respectful manor.

Please note if you are left handed use your right hand to hold the smudging bowl and your left hand to hold the fan to direct the smoke.

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