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About Dreams and Precognitive Dreams

Sweet Dreaming It is possible through suggestion to prepare the mind to receive information, instruction , guidance and solutions through your dreams. However, prior to sleep you must put aside your negative experiences of the day. You must let go of your fears, stress and anger or you will carry them into your dream state where they will continue to haunt you.

Before going to sleep you must clear your mind of disturbing feelings, emotions, and thoughts or the creative power of your dreams will intensify your fears and concerns and produce nightmares.

To avoid blocking out ESP through your dreams you must practice some method of release prior to sleep. Review your day in a calm manner. Release negative emotions associated with your daily experiences. If you have a major concern that you would like a solution to, look at the problem from all possible angles before sleep, then go to sleep expecting a solution.

The solution to your problem may be revealed symbolically or you may receive a realistic solution in your dreams. Immediately upon waking up, write down your dreams or record them. Failure to do so or a delay in writing down the details may cost a significant part of the dream to be lost.

Book: Flash Forward: Step Into Your Future

My upcoming book, "Flash Forward: Step Into Your Future” talks about how to plan, prepare, and predict your own future.   In it, she showcases several dreams that reveal how they can predict the future by paying attention to the symbols, exaggerated features, animals, clothing, colors, behavior, actions, etc.



A common example of ESP information coming through visual images is the precognitive dream. There are many people reporting of dreams containing unknowable future events that later proved to be accurate. In the dream state everything is taking place in the now or present state. There is  no past and there is no future. When you attempt to analyze your dreams you put your dreams into some kind of sequence to determine the time of a future occurrence.

Pay attention to possible forewarnings in dreams that involve you, family or other loved ones. Many serious problems can be avoided when you pay attention. Your dream may reflect future illness, personal problems, financial worries, crisis or loss. They may also reveal the numbers to a lottery, or the man or woman that you will marry.

Reoccurring dreams are a real cause for concern and are a signal to make changes in your life. Most reoccurring dreams are warnings and not necessarily threats to your survival. To help you predict a time period, notice how you were dressed in your dream? Who else was in your dream and how were they dressed? What were you talking about? Were you sad, glad or mad ? Was your dream in black and white or in living color? Don’t miss small details.

Writing in a dream diary will help you become more aware of your dreams and jog your memory to recalling them. You can train yourself to program your dreams and get your dreams to provide you with future information.

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