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Pet Release Ceremony and Blessing



Illness or the death of a beloved pet is a traumatic experience. There is a strong emotional bond between you and your pet. This bond is an energy link or thread which connects your sub- conscious mind to that of your pet. The energy is of a spiritual nature and can never be destroyed. However, this energy connection should be temporally released or it will create emotional blocks which will interfere with your pets spiritual progress as well as your own. If your pet is lost and there is little chance that it will be found , a final farewell and release ceremony is also necessary.


Pet Release Ceremony and Blessing


Before you begin your Pet Release Ceremony and Blessing you should first , gather a few of your pets personal belongings . If you have a picture of your pet , a favorite toy, blanket, leash , or other object , this will provide you with their spiritual energy . Next, choose an indoor or outdoor setting; a place that holds good memories for both you and your pet. Light a brown candle . Sit in a comfortable position , put three drops of Lily Therese's Pet Release Oil on both of your hands and rub them together. Anoint your pet's picture and other favorite objects. A couple drops of the oil placed on each object and rubbed in lightly is all that is necessary.

State Your Intention

State your intention which is to release your loving pet and help it make a peaceful transition to the other side. You may hold the picture of your pet or its favorite toy in your hands. Close your eyes and completely relax. In your mindís eye call in the image of your beloved pet . In a few moments you will " see" the spiritual body of your pet.  Keep your eyes closed and mentally call out the name of your pet. Your pet will respond by moving toward you. See it breathing and full of life. Greet it with a great big hug! Play with it for a while. This is the time to do all of the things that you would have done together had you had the time. Remember in your mindís eye everything is possible. Time as we know it does not exist. In the eye of the imagination, death and illness does not exist. This is the moment to throw that final ball, saddle up, go for a swim or just play and relax with your pet.

Release Ceremony, Communication and Giving Thanks

After a while and you will know when the time is right, it will be time to say goodbye and perform the Release Ceremony. The Release Ceremony will not completely eliminate the loss you feel or the emptiness inside, but it will give you and your pet a few more precious moments together to express your feelings, give thanks and say farewell. It is time to let go and free each other in a loving and meaningful way.

Words of Release

The following words may be used with your petís name inserted to replace Tiffany's name. Using your own words and the uniqueness of your own petís qualities will personalize this powerful ritual with respect and dignity. The following is an example:

"Tiffany you have been a loving and faithful friend. You have loved me unconditionally. You trusted me and have always been a healing influence in my life. Tiffany thank you for your acceptance of me no matter what mood I was in, or how I looked. You supported me in all my decisions. You never "told me so", no matter how many bad decisions I made. You have been a loyal friend and I love you! I will never forget you . I now lovingly release you to the Guardian and Protector of the animals. I know that we will meet again so farewell for now my friend, go forward with my Blessing and in Godís Love and Light " At this point allow your pet to leave you lovingly.

Keep your pets personal objects for at least a month or permanently if you choose. Light a brown candle in its memory for as long as you would like. At times you may feel their presence.  Be joyful, for you touch their souls at these times.  Pay attention to dreams of them as another means of communication . One day your lives will touch and you will be united once more. What a day of Celebration this will be


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