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Lily Therese's Angelic Spiritual Specialty Products

Begin today to improve your physical and emotional well-beingUsing Lily's Specialty Products for your highest good promotes your positive intentions and turns goal setting into a Celebration of Life! 


Lily Therese’s Special Purpose Candles, Ritual Kits, Anointing OilsIncense, and other Specialty Products each represent a concept, a feeling or a goal. They powerfully create a sacred space, provide the proper atmosphere, convey special meaning and communicate in symbols and scents what  words alone cannot do in the attainment of goals.    They are formulated  to address a specific need in harmony with the user's intention. 

These Special Purpose Spiritual Products are not magical producing effects automatically.  For these products to be effective, you must contribute your part to be successful in the attainment of goals. It is necessary to have  intention, faith, focus, and positive imagination to attain your objectives. The spiritual products act as trigger mechanisms 
to help you remember your goals and objectives. They help discipline 
your mind in a positive direction. The products effectively work with 
your conscious and sub-conscious mind to achieve your desires. 
Just add the power of your thoughts to the strength and benefits of Lily’s Spiritual Specialties to increase self-empowerment and enhance the quality of your lifeStroll down to see the Special Purpose Products offered.


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Candles:     Special Purpose 7-Day Glass Candles /Jumbo / Small





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Oils:            Special Purpose  / Native American / Power Animals


Incense:      Spiritual Cleansing / Herbal 100% Natural Wand Incense


Ritual KitsSpecial Purpose Rituals / Empowerment / Healing, etc.


Other Specialty Products: Spiritual Bath Salts / Body Wash / Gifts  
Lily-Therese Reveals: How to Develop a "Billionaire Mind"  tape  
Joyce Bennett, The ABC Girl  & her book, "The ABC's of Living"



Custom Gift Baskets available upon request


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