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Power and Recognition Ritual

St. Michael the Archangel This is a powerful ritual that can really help your release negative persons, places and things. It will help you focus on what is irritating you and making you sick. Once you address the cause you can release the negativity and take back your power.

Do you feel powerless? Are you failing to get that pay raise, promotion, or recognition? Are you tired of other people pushing you around and not given you the respect and recognition that you deserve?

If you have given away your power to a person, place or thing this ritual is for you. It will help make you powerful and put you back in control of your life.

Your point of power is right now! You are not the victim of fate, luck or chance! It is your point of view (belief) that is making you feel powerless. If you feel helpless and not in control of your life, it is because you believe yourself to be helpless. You feel trapped and powerless because you are unaware of alternative choices, options or other possibilities. Your own irrational beliefs take away your power and make you fearful, angry and immobilized.

Your beliefs are the motivating force that enables you to achieve your goals, dreams, and expectations. Your beliefs not only keep you motivated, but create your reality, for you live your life according to what you believe. In fact, your beliefs are so much a part of you that you normally do not think of them as the foundation from which you base your whole life. You assume your beliefs are the truth and therefore reality, so you do not usually question them.

Take a few moments to think of how some of your own behavior is influenced by what you believe. If you feel powerless and not in control of your life, who or what is taking away your power?

Examine Yourself Further

Ask yourself: Is it my spouse, lover or other people, places, or things? Is it fate, luck, chance, my boss, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, my job, etc?

Once you discover the source of what or who has taken away your power - do something about it. Consciously choose to take back your power. Write down your beliefs on what or who you "believe" to be controlling you.

You are more powerful than your beliefs! Without you, the believer, your beliefs cannot exist!

Use these power statements daily:

  • I am in control of my life. I make right decisions daily.

  • I am strong, centered and protected. I choose to be a powerful person.

  • I'm in control of my life and future. They Holy Spirit guides me always.

  • I am the master of my own destiny.

  • I now consciously let go of whatever is making me ill or powerless, whatever it be persons, places or things, I let them go. I cast them to the power of God within me and I go free.

  • I recognize myself as deserving of all God's blessings.

  • I use my power in a responsible way. I use my power wisely.


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