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Intuitive and Dream Consultations

Lily-Therese is an inspirational and motivational asset in many people’s lives. Her generosity of spirit allows Lily-Therese to share her special talents with people from all walks of life.  Her work includes helping with police investigations, health and other professional authorities. The Holy Spirit has always been a strong spiritual force in her life.

See what Lily-Therese has to say about your future.....

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Here are my current offerings:

30 Minute - In-Person Consultations $75
60 Minute - Phone Intuitive Consultation $100
60 Minute - In-Person Consultations $100
Trinity Plan -- 3 hours 
consist of 3-one hour phone or email consultations
     You may use 30 minute increments as needed -
more info

To schedule a Phone/In-Person intuitive session consultation with Lily-Therese

Step 1.

Please email the following:

  • Full Name

  • Phone number

  • Address

  • Birth Date

  • Length of session

  • Indicate whether you want in-person or phone call appointment

  • Schedule your appointment now here:

Step 2.   Lily-Therese will contact you to schedule your appointment time.  IF you do not hear from her within 24 hours, please email or call her at (760) 698-8738.

Step 3.

As soon as she schedules your appointment, she will direct you to come make your payment through Paypal below (no checks accepted). 

        Make a Payment

Important! Have your Questions Ready before our call if its a phone appointment.


Check out my "Group Session" rates and one hour free session 'gift' for hostess below.

About Your Future

Your future is not something that just happens to you. You are not the victim of fate, luck or chance. Your destiny is not something you must fearfully accept, have no control over, or cannot change. If you believe your future is predetermined by outside influences, it is simply because you are unaware of alternative choices, other options, or possibilities. 

Your destiny is the result of the choices you are presently making. It is important to understand that you have free will, and it is your present day choices which will create your future experiences. If you are ready to take an active part in your destiny by exploring your dreams and other options, make an appointment to talk with me. I will provide you with a quality Intuitive consultation that will get to the core of your life’s issues.

Relax in a warm and comfortable setting. Experience a private, in-depth and dynamic encounter with someone caring enough to understand, but experienced enough to provide the total guidance necessary for maximum benefits. You will receive expert advise in how to overcome Life's   challenges and information which will help you:

Get to the Core of your life's Issues!

Recognize options and Possibilities
Explore and interpret your Dreams
Resolve difficult problem areas

  • Make conscious choices

  • Control the outcome of future events

  • Cope with change and uncertainty

  • Understand relationships

  • Define and clarify personal and professional needs

  • Work toward specific goals and objectives

  • Release negativity, fear and confusion

  • Maintain your power and control

  • Improve your physical and emotional well-being

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How to Become a Host/Hostess for your gathering...

Applies to gatherings within a 100 mile radius.

Hostess gets a $100 gift certificate
to be used after the event.

Other venues outside the 100 mile radius, contact Lily-Therese at

  • Select one of the options below for your hosted event:
    Individual Intuitive Private Sessions for your guests:
        Participants each receive a 20-Minute Private Session
        Minimum 12 - 14 guests; $50 per person.


    Workshop - 1 1/2 hrs on a Topic of Your Choice (call Lily-Therese for subject matter)
         Group participants will get a question/answer period at the end.
         Private phone or office in-depth intuitive sessions for group attendees may be
              scheduled after the workshop for a later date.
         Minimum 18-20 people for this Workshop option - $45 per person.  

  • Where:  Scheduled at your home or other location within a 100 mile radius.

  • Other venues outside the 100 mile radius, contact Lily-Therese at

  • Host or Hostess receives a $100.00 Gift Certificate for an Intuitive Counseling Session to be scheduled after the event date.

    The cost of all Group Sessions must be collected and paid to Lily Therese two weeks before appointment date. No Exceptions! 

For Individual Private Session Groups, hostess will schedule your appointment time. Please do not be late.  To make the best use of your time allotment, write down questions or concerns and have your notes available when it is your turn for an Intuitive Consultation. 

Hostess, please phone Lily Therese to make arrangements at (760) 698-8738 or email her at  Thanks!   :0)   

Gift Certificates
For Intuitive Consultations
Be sure to include the person's name, phone number, address and/or email address in the message/notes section upon check out
  Makes perfect and thoughtful gift!   Email Lily to purchase.  Go to the Gift Certificate page for payment and information.

Spiritual Coaching
Holistic Coaching can dynamically transform your life because it touches the most essential part of your being, which is Spirit.  See Spiritual Coaching Page
for a list of services and packages and to make Payment. 


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