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Join us in a warm, comfortable, safe place as we create our own Sacred Space to share the benefits of Group Prayer, Meditation, Drumming, Healing and Grandmother Moon. At the Full Moon, Grandmother Moon is at her peak! Working with the Full Moon's energy increases your own personal power and supports your goals and objectives. It is a time of fertility, creativity and sensitivity. A special time to open your heart, enhance your intuition, heal and increase your spiritual power. Please bring in your prayer request for special intentions.

The rhythms and sounds of the Sacred Drum is universal and helps us focus on our inner world. The beat of the drum connects us to our own soul's rhythm releasing us from our fears and burdens. Drumming frees us from linear thinking and carries us to the inner world of Spirit.. The drum speaks to us on a sub-conscious level and awakens our spirit allowing us to soar like eagles. Drumming is a non-verbal method of communication which promotes healing and wholeness

If you do not pre-register to save your space, there may not be enough room to admit  you  at  the door. We are working on attaining larger accommodations. If you know of an inexpensive location to host the Sacred Dove Lodge, please let us know so that we can have more room to offer this powerful, Prayer, Drumming and healing Circle to interested people. Please be on time and don't forget to bring your drum or a rattle if you have one!


The Sacred Dove Lodge is a Spiritual Sanctuary. It is made up of  people that join with us    to heal, meditate, drum, pray and connect with other's that are seeking to work their spiritual path, while creating harmony on Mother Earth, with each other and with all our relations. Let us find our common heart with a common purpose as we come together in a drumming circle to  heal, bless and prosper each other. Lets unite by praying and meditating together. Call in the Ancient Wisdom of the Ancestors and request Help and Healing from the Holy Spirit. 

The Sacred Dove Lodge is the result of a dream and a vision that I was given several years ago. I believe that it is time to make my vision a reality. As I begin my public ministry, may we all unite to form a World Circle of Peace and Healing. May the Sacred Hoop be restored and we the people create a  living doorway for the Return of the Sacred Dove to unite all people, all nations, and all races; all over the world. May the peace of the Holy Spirit heal and bless you.

Facilitated by: Lily Therese "Sacred Dove"
When: Full Moon, Call for dates 2007
Where: 3045 Rio Lempa Drive, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Phone: (760) 698-8738
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Suggested Donation: $10.00


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