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The Wheel of Life

The ancient symbol of a wheel as a metaphor for life has been utilized by many cultures and found all over the world. The wheel has had a strong fundamental role in human experience for so long that it is imprinted on the collective memory. Perhaps the wheel is a compelling metaphor that transcends language and captures the human imagination.  As a result it may be natural to think of human experience itself as the Wheel of Life. Although separate spokes seem to divide the wheel, the spokes do not move alone nor do they, by themselves, constitute a wheel.  Yet, the spokes are an integral part of the total wheel. The wheel itself moves in a cycle of motion in which the spokes reveal a relationship to each other and to the wheel itself.  It is easy to think of each pie-shaped area of life as divided into segments of a circle, like the spokes of a giant wheel. 

We know that we all live according to cycles, some of which seem to be predictable, some unexpected, some fairly common and yet all individually unique.  Have you ever wondered what accounts for the many similarities, as well as the many differences, in human behavior?  Have you ever felt blind-sided by life when you felt that events were totally out of your control?  Have you ever longed for a way to overcome your own “blind spots” to see inside yourself and understand your own thoughts, actions, and behavior? Learning about the Wheel of Life can give you a conscious, focused, up-to-date eagle’s eye view of your daily activities. Learning about the Wheel of Life allows you to clearly “see” what makes you tick.  

Believe it or not, you are not a victim of circumstances and your life is not the result of fate or blind chance. Even when your life appears to be predetermined by external circumstances, random chance, or other unseen spiritual forces, there are general experiences and events that happen to people that are discernible, inevitable, and predictable. You must understand that the daily choices you make, consciously or unconsciously, will attract future experiences that, sooner or later, create your destiny. If you are not paying close attention it will be difficult to see the connection between your automatic (subconscious) choices and what you experience in your outside physical world. Without an understanding of your inner-self, external experiences may appear unrelated and meaningless. The Wheel of Life will open your “inner eye” to reveal the whole picture and your role in shaping your own future.  

The Wheel of Life is a simple tool that can empower you by helping you look into the probable future before it happens. When you know how to play the game of life, you stop being its victim. New beginnings, endings, challenges, losses, crises, opportunities, and even death are all significant changes that can be predicted and thus planned for in advance. The Wheel of life is designed to transform your life so that you are empowered to become a Master of Life instead of its helpless victim. Embrace this opportunity to plan, prepare, and predict your own future.

Upcoming Course in 2012

Book: Flash Forward: Step Into Your Future

Working with the Wheel of Life will also be a central topic in my upcoming book "Flash Forward: How to Plan, Prepare and Predict Your Own Future".




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